Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

All prices from Forséns Konstverkstad are in Swedish kronor and include 25% VAT.

Pack the item well because you as a customer account for the risk and the cost of the return freight. For return address see below.

Return address:
Nils Andersson
Klostergatan 5b
21147 Malmö

Return Policy


We usually ship your order within 1-3 business days (Posten's delivery time will be added). Delivery takes place to locations all over the world.

All shipments are transport insured. In case of transport damage, please send the shipment to the dispatcher (Posten or transport company) without delay. Based on visible damage, it is considered transport damage

If you do not pick up the goods you ordered, Forséns Konstverkstad will charge the customer a fee corresponding to the costs we had for the order, however, max. 200 SEK.